STIE Malangkucecwara also known as Kampus ABM founded Business Incubator, ABM HUB

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

The invitees from 11 Europe and Indonesia Colleges which involved with Erasmus+ Programme of The European Union did a meeting at Malangkcecwara College of Economics in Malang.

Drs.BUNYAMIN, M.M., Ph.D The President of STIE Malangkucecwara

We are grateful, STIE Malangkucecwara or also known as Kampus ABM received the Erasmus + International Grant from the European Union. Kampus ABM is included in one of the institutions incorporated in a consortium that receives the grant. The universities which are incorporated in this consortium consist of 4 universities from Europe and 7 universities from Indonesia.

This grant is directed to create resources in universities, which can bridge educational institutions with the business world.

ABM Hub is a resource created by Kampus ABM which functioned as business incubator. One of the functions is to give a consultation referring to detailed business problems, mainly to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) or known an UMKM. If needed, ABM Hub can also give capital access facility. Problems that UMKM-ers faced is that most of them reluctant to enter the campus is because of the procedural problems. ABM Hub know will ease the UMKM-ers to synergize between education institute and the investors.

ABM Hub has been made to become a comfortable place to do a discussion, do a meeting, do a consultation and also to improve a business. A number of PC, laptop, tablet, and high-speed internet already prepared. Therefore, UMKMs are expected to use the facilities already provided in ABM Hub. In the academic side, lecturers can also do a service duty, improve the network and entrepreneurship, so the surrounding community can also receive the advantage. Entrepreneurship now become the pillar for the economic growth. It means that every time the government has problem to create a new field of work, while the number of graduates increased.

With the coming of Startup company as a result of this program, it is expected to prepare themselves when they face a problem. When they already familiar in solving that problem, then they will what to do when taking the steps. It is all about mentality. Not only the involvement of UMKM, but the involvement between lecturers and students is also needed, so the academics can directly intersect with entrepreneurship world and discern the real problems and issues.

The future hope is the involvement of students and lecturers in entrepreneurial program can be smooth and maximum. Thereupon not only know the theoretical issue, but also the practical issues. Lecturers can also do research for the global needs and produce useable products such as a model or guide book.

Ir.DWINITA ARYANI, MM, Ph.D. Head of International Affairs and Project Leader GITA Program STIE Malangkucecwara

ABM Hub which has been officially unveiled (soft opening) on 11th April 2019, is an implementation form of Erasmus+ International grant from European Union. In the unveiling of ABM Hub, an exhibition of UMKM from students, alumni, staffs of Kampus ABM which some of them were funded by Erasmus+ Funded Project Supporting Entrepreneurial Capacity Building.

Participant of UMKM exhibition are Topeng Malangan (alumni of Kampus ABM), soKress fruit chips, Perca Pelanusa, Donomulyo bamboo glass, Lukis Kerudung (fostered by Kampus ABM), and Cutting Sticker Abimanyu (student of Kampus ABM). After the unveil ceremony attended by each college representatives of the consortium, the event was proceeded with a Partnership Meeting 5 which was held from 11.00 until 18.00 at STIE Malangkucecwara.

The meeting was organized to evaluate the progress of GITA (Growing Inonesia – a Triangular Approach) program and the future plans from each consortium member, as well as discussion of curriculum development about Entrepreneurial Learning Outcome. On that occasion also explained the development of GITA Project Portal online service which is managed by Kampus ABM.

Erwin Jassapal, alumni of Kampus ABM / the owner of Royal ATK

In this event also presented presentations and sharing knowledge from alumni of Universitas Brawijaya and Kampus ABM about their business journey from the beginning to becoming a successful business, as well as explaining the benefits of knowledge gained during college in supporting their respective businesses. Participant from Kampus ABM alumni, Mr. Erwin Japasal, the owner of the "Royal ATK". For the citizens of Malang, the presence of Royal ATK is no stranger as the most complete and biggest stationery and office supply store in Malang

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